A website provides an identity for any business organisation, be it a small start-up or a huge business chain , to make its presence felt outside in the market amongst the audiences. With the increase in usage of smartphones, people are getting inclined towards the technology .It is playing a vital role in influencing the decision of an individual. Online virtues are spreading its wings and is becoming a strong platform. With the sheer number of websites of similar products around the internet, the biggest factor lies in to maintain and develop one’s website out of the box, showcasing all the necessary details and making it look attractive. As competition keeps everyone on toes, it has become crucial for all organisation to highlight itself in the competitive market and become a brand. Website is the key feature for all the new start-up for putting it foot forward in the market and making it known. Website is not basically about the content or the layout they are various points to be kept in mind for an eye-catching website.

-Firstly, the aesthetic elements of the website should be taken care of, it should not overkill but blend the look of the website, giving an overall pleading look. Website Designingcompany should lay much more emphasis on designing the site in a much more simpler way, shorn of any clutter.

-The website should be designed in an organised way, keeping the important content on the top, not in a forced manner. An unorganised information results in a major put off as a visitor. The website should be made keeping in mind the ethos of the company, the content should be up to the point and correct.A website should be user-friendly easily showcasing the main services , making it quick and easier for the visitor.

-Every customer wishes to experience a clear and an immediate information regarding their query. A website should be made in a simpler yet classier way, fulfilling the requirements of the clients.

-A main and a very influencing matter of the website is the images of the product or services being showcased. The decision of a visitor remains on stalk before going through its images .

-Another necessary element is to consider the colour scheme of the website, the usage of colour in the website should be used keeping in mind the companies target audience, type of product/services and branding.

-As internet is loaded with websites of similar kinds ,navigation is of an utmost important thing in a website to make customers easily find the way to the website without any hustle and it will increase the number of visitor, visiting the website. The homepage should have clearly defined links and search box in a specific defined space. The visual consistency should be maintained with each html page of the website possessing similar looking feature.

-Websites should be made mobile friendly, as smartphones has become people’s web search medium , skipping the desktop from many years, so the website should be made compatibly supportive to other system like android and even IOS.

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