How to market your e-commerce store like a pro

How to market your e-commerce store like a pro

Executing a Facebook ad campaign is like Harry Potter’s magic wand for business owners. It can unleash a spell of magic with its slight wave and turn your e-commerce business into a diamond mine. All right! But that’s just a myth bigger than the Hulk himself.

You’ve got to have a few more arrows in your quiver to stand out. We have compiled a list of some unbeatable strategies to help you market your e-commerce store like a pro. Let’s find them below –

  1. Know your audience well

Companies promote their products to all without caring much about people who are actually going to benefit from them. It is like selling butter cookies to people who have no teeth and combs to people who have no hair.

The customer is always on the top of your mind but do you really know them well? One of the best ways to keep current and potential customers close to your brand is to know them. After carefully analyzing data about their online buying habits, you should then tailor your marketing efforts around your audience.

Investing your time on those who will never buy your stuff is an unintelligent practice. You should rather identify your audience and work your magic to woo them.

  1. Conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis

While you are waging a war with your products in the market, it is crucial to understand the strategies your competitors are utilizing to have an edge over you. So make it a routine to analyse your competitors, possibly after every 30-45 days, and their marketing platforms on which they are promoting their products. It will help you to understand your flaws and rectify your strategies.

  1. Hook your audience with a catchy landing page

The first connection you make with your audience is through your catchy landing page. Hence, you should be really creative while designing your landing pages. Take all the important factors into consideration.

  • Use only high quality pictures in different angles with zoom-in features.
  • Not just the design, the copy also determines the success of your landing page. Instead of crowding the landing page space with sleazy marketing buzzwords, try to incorporate the voice of the customer.
  • Today videos are ensuring a high conversion rate. Thus, including video on your landing pages can create a very powerful impact.

Follow all above tips and let your eCommerce website enjoy a prominent spot in the marketplace.

  1. Use growth hacking and study results

As a matter of fact, a user spends around 3 seconds maximum on your website. There are millions of things out there which can easily distract them. So you must have a website that can hook your audience in such a short span of time. Don’t hesitate to do experiments. Plan different growth hacking experiments on distinct platforms, run them for a while and study the results. Carry on with those that yield results.

  1. Prepare a marketing plan in advance

Are you starting with you online store and not yet prepared your overall customer acquisition strategy? Not decided which platforms to choose to market your eCommerce store? You may face big troubles later as you would not have the answers to some of the most important questions while you are selling your product online. It is important to have a roadmap in place for your eCommerce business. Your marketing plan should include the following aspects –

  • The budget you should invest in marketing strategies
  • The marketing framework should shed light on goals
  • It should also talk about the experiments that you can explore
  • New methods and strategies are also important. Your marketing framework should also encourage them.

With all the above strategies in place, you will have your e-commerce store flooded with customers. Have you tried these methods yet?

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